Naomi Porter

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Serial Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Education Reform Advocate

Naomi Porter is a 16-year-old serial entrepreneur, education reform advocate, public speaker, and student leader from Los Angeles, California. She is the CEO and founder of two businesses: Spice It Up and Bright Futures. She is a National Intern for Girl Scouts of the USA and a 2020 Gold Award Girl Scout.

Naomi founded EntrepreYOUership in 2019 to provide free entrepreneurial education to youth. Her organization has served over 1000 youth through 35+ partnerships. Participants receive ongoing support to write business plans and have access to start up funding. EntrepreYOUership is intentionally youth led, as she works to debunk the myth that entrepreneurship is reserved for adults with degrees who have access to venture capital.

Her advocacy work includes writing blogs, being interviewed for podcasts, and partnering with social media influencers to promote the inclusion and expansion of entrepreneurial education. Most recently her work has been featured in Forbes, Girl Scouts, Voyage LA, and Wharton Business.